a mix for krista lenz historia reiss @ 8tracks

1. Vienna Teng - The Tower
2. Tori Amos - Crucify (Remix)
3. The National - Don’t Swallow The Cap
4. The Oh Hellos - In Memoriam
5. Lord Huron - She Lit A Fire
6. Iron & Wine - Woman King
7. José González - Crosses
8. Frightened Rabbit - Not Miserable

reblogging this b/c somehow the link to the mix didnt end up on the post???? whoopsie-daisie


daydreaming at night 


Spooky’s favorite place to ride with us in the car is on the dashboard. 


Some creative anime fansubs 



i know everyone was bored w/ drawing lineplay characters weeks ago but i finally got mine looking how i wanted so i had to draw them uvu

this is so fresh wtf

someone brought us food to our rehearsal from an event going on nextdoor but we were also putting away props and we had a fake cake on the same table as the real food and this freshman actor comes up to us and was like “so…what are you guys doin with that cake after the show” and vicky was like “well it’s fake so putting with the other props…..” i’ve never seen a man so dismayed

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