Can someone give me an actual example of a female hero who is portrayed as a “tomboy”?

Literally every female hero is hyper feminine.

This is such a common thread and it really drives me up the wall… Like this post is literally describing most of sailor moon and totally spies, they use beauty products to fight. And as far as adult superheroes/fighters go, all the female characters are highly sexy and feminine. The ONLY thing I can think of that has actual, non sexualized tomboy fighter characters is game of thrones, and they’re not even heroes or anything, or maybe the girl in kickass, who isn’t even a tomboy she just has massive amounts of internalized misogyny. Where does this imaginary invisibility complex come from in regards to feminine heroes in media? Every female hero on big screens is feminine!!! Maybe I can see something like “I wish feminine heroes in media made for adults didn’t have to be so sexualized for the male gaze”? That would be a totally valid complaint. Asking for “less tomboys” when there is basically NO representation for tomboys/butch/gender nonconforming women is so… So selfish and hurtful.


the whole ‘aromantic asexual people are just straight people’ says a lot about people’s belief in ‘straight is the default’

vicky’s gonna get her family to dress up as the swamp people from avatar

so i was reading your about just because and i saw that you were a sophomore and i could not help but make the pun "SOPHie the SOPHmore" and "sophiemore" and "ah yes, more sophie. wonderful." "more sophie the sophiemore" now i've said soph too much and i feel like that's wrong soph sof soap sorry for this strange message i figured i would let u know

this is such a good message spread my name throughout the world 

spookyghostcurves replied to your post “my rehearsal schedule has fucked me up so bad i got home a few hours…”


enjoy your week off, ass costume designer


Every time I see this I just can’t get over how Andrew W.K likes lucky star



I need to draw Korra more often. I love love loved book 3 and am really enjoying book 4 so far.


my rehearsal schedule has fucked me up so bad i got home a few hours ago and i was like “alright i’ve been up long enough time to go to bed” and i looked at the time and it’s only 10 pm is this what college is actually like

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